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Youngjoo Woo

Ph.D. Student
Computer Systems and Intelligence Lab.
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, SungKyunKwan Univ.


E-mail: youngjoo.woo at
Office: #85533, Corporate Collaboration Center

Research Interests

- Energy-Aware Computing
- Operating Systems
- Virtualization
- Cloud Computing
- Embedded Systems
- Real-time Systems



International Journals
- Design and Implementation of Split/Merge Operations for Efficient Multimedia File Manipulation Δ, Computer Standards & Interfaces, Vol. 48, pp. 80-89, Youngmin Kim, Youngjoo Woo, Hyunsu Lee and Euiseong Seo, 2016
- A Thermal Margin Preservation Scheme for Interactive Multimedia Consumer Electronics Δ, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Vol. 62, No. 1, pp. 53-61, Nicolas Badano, Jeaho Hwang, Youngjoo Woo and Euiseong Seo, 2016
- A Battery Lifetime Guarantee Scheme for Selective Applications in Smart Mobile Devices Δ, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, to appear, Jungwook Cho, Youngjoo Woo, Suntae Kim and Euiseong Seo, 2014
- Multi-Layer Real-Time Support for JVM-based Smart Phone Systems, Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering, to appear, Youngjoo Woo, Donghyouk Lim, YungJoon Jeong and Euiseong Seo, 2013
- Virtual Battery: A Testing Tool for Power-Aware Software, Journal of Systems Architecture, to appear, Youngjoo Woo, Seon Yeong Park and Euiseong Seo, 2013

International Conferences
- Cross-Layer Real-Time Support for JVM-based Smartphone Systems,IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2012, Youngjoo Woo, Jungwook Cho, Donghyouk Lim and Euiseong Seo, 2012

Domestic conferences
- 클라우드 상의 가상클러스터 구축을 위한 가상머신 배치 기법, 제40회 정보과학회 추계 학술발표회, 사공현, 우영주, 박소민, 서의성, 2013
- JVM 기반 스마트폰의 실시간성 지원 구조, Korea Computer Congress, 우영주, 조정욱, 서의성, 2011

- Non-Volatile Storage Apparatus for Storing Data and Method for Controlling Access To Non-Volatile Storage Apparatus Considering Heat (발열을 고려한 비휘발성 데이터 저장 장치 및 액세스 제어 방법), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1725691, Euiseong Seo, Bonkeun Seo, YoungjooWoo, 2017
- Method and Apparatus for Proactive Thermal Management of Semiconductor Processor De-vice (동적 열적 마진을 이용하는 반도체 프로세서 장치를 위한 열관리 방법 및 장치), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1719074, Nicolas Badano, Euiseong Seo, Youngjoo Woo, Jeaho Hwang, 2017
- Thermal Management Apparatus and Method Using Dynamic Thermal Margin, And Semiconductor Processor Device, Non-Volatile Data Storage Device and Access Control Method Using the Same, USA Patent(Applied), 15/221,909, Euiseong Seo, Nicolas Badano, Youngjoo Woo, Bonkeun Seo, 2016
- Method and Apparatus for Thermal Management of Semiconductor Processor Device Using Dynamic Thermal Margin (반도체 장치를 위한 실시간 온도 예측 장치 및 방법), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1621655, Euiseong Seo, Youngjoo Woo, 2016
- Apparatus and Method for Real Time Prediction of Temperature of Semiconductor Devices (반도체 프로세서 장치를 위한 선제적 열관리 방법 및 장치), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1755817, Euiseong Seo, Nicolas Badano, Youngjoo Woo, Jeaho Hwang, 2017
- Method for Elastic Virtual Cluster Management for Efficient Construction of Virtual Clusters onCloud, Apparatus for Elastic Virtual Cluster Management and Cloud System Using the Same (클라우드상에 가상 클러스터들의 효율적 구축을 위한 탄력적 가상 클러스터 관리 방법, 이를 이용한 가상클러스터 관리 장치 및 클라우드 시스템), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1474872, Euiseong Seo, Youngjoo Woo, Hyeon Sagong, Somin Park, 2014 [Technology transferred to KMSLab]
- Virtual Machine Monitor, Virtual Machine Host System and Method for Providing Virtual Machines with Respective Virtual Batteries (가상머신에 가상배터리를 제공하는 가상머신모니터, 가상머신 호스트 시스템 및 가상배터리 관리 방법), Korea patent(Registered), 10-1379835, EuiseongSeo, Youngjoo Woo, 2014

- Accounting Per-VM Resource Usage for I/O Activities in Virtualized Environment, School of ECE, UNIST, Youngjoo Woo, 2012

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